About Us

  • Calidad Clicks its a spanish word where Calidad speaks to the significance "Quality".
  • Calidad Clicks is a well traveled and experienced digital marketing company.
  • We have the battle scars and trophies from years of experience in enabling publishers, agencies, advertisers to exceed their goals.
  • Calidad Clicks its a mobile performance and branding digital marketing company spans the globe, and can be customized to your specific acquisition needs.
  • We have both international and local publishers who will provide you with targeted in-app and mobile-web traffic.
  • We pair your marketing campaign requirements with the appropriate sources, ensuring the seamless execution of your campaign combined with user engagement optimization. via real-time performance data analysis.
  • Come and Join with us

    • Monetize

    • Advertize

  • Worldwide Mobile App Distribution.
  • 10+ Strong Verticals
  • 100+ Countries
  • 2000+ Apps
  • 10+ Categories
  • Smart Links for CPI/CPA
  • Monetization Solution
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Highest eCPM
  • Reliable Payments
  • Real-time Tracking
  • NET 30 payouts

  • In-House Media Buying Team
  • Worldwide Direct in-app gaming traffic/Media Buying/SDK traffic
  • ROI Driven Performance
  • Quality User Acquisition
  • Fraud Detection Tools
  • Global Reach
  • All Traffic Types
  • Highly Targeted Users
  • Programmed Fraud control CR/Duplicate IP/KPI/RR control,sub-source id's controls and so on
  • Incorporated with Fraud score, forensiQ, TMT, 24matrix and other fraud control tools
  • Coordinate combination with Tracking accomplices like Kochava, Appsalar, Appsflyer, Tune and so on
  • Capacity to advance on KPIs, helps in secondary postback to achieve high ROI and execution.
  • Advantages

    Performance Advertising

    Being integrated with every major marketplace and thousands of publishers, means billions of devices for you to reach globally. You can open new markets in the blink of an eye.

    Media Buying Solution

    We analyze the consuming behaviour of millions of global users and match them with your goals. Your campaign and budget allocation are constantly optimized.

    Quality Traffic

    Analyzes campaign perfomances in real time and optimizes the delivery of traffic, focusing on the best performing sources and audiences.

    Best Performance App monetization

    The most valuable users often are your existing ones. Once you've acquired a sizable user base we make sure to re-engage them to their full monetization potential.

    InApp traffic

    Native, Interstitial Ads, BannerBlindness coordinated with Premium and high commitment designers internationally developing request of In Game Brand Advertising.

    SDK Inventory

    Calidad Clicks has partnered with sizeable number of gaming studios assigning Ad spots inside their games. These Ad spots are exclusively managed by our Ad server to deliver ads dynamically. We are currently serving 30mn impressions and this number is just growing.

    Our Portfolio

    CalidadClicks is the global market leader in video and native ads with access to an extensive and exclusive supply.

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